Wellness Coaching

Are you ready for a lifestyle transformation? Wellness Coaching can be a powerful tool for activating your motivation, stress management, weight management, navigating life transitions, kicking unhealthy habits, and discovering your purpose.


Personal Training

Are you ready to put in the hard work? Our Certified Personal trainer will listen to your unique story and help you develop a realistic plan to reach your health and wellness goals. No shame. No judgment. Only expert advise, hope and encouragement.


EMDR Therapy

Do you have emotional baggage that hasn't fully healed? EMDR therapy is research-proven, groundbreaking therapy that gets to the root cause of our problems and heals them permanently. It calms the body and mind, and helps the truth get from the head to the heart.


Play Therapy for Kids

Is your child struggling? ADHD, anxiety, trauma, defiance, attachment issues, autism, adoption, divorce... we've seen it all. Using creativity, art, toys, games, and sand tray techniques, they will provide a safe, caring and fun place for your child to heal.


Therapy for Teens

Are you concerned about your teen? Our teen specialists provide an opportunity for parents and their teenagers to be real about their struggles, and help them to heal from the anxiety, depression, addiction, and identity issues that so often come with these challenging years.


Marriage Counseling

Have you experienced broken trust? Is communication difficult? Or maybe you've simply drifted apart. Whatever the reason, you don't have to go through it alone. Our trained marriage counselors will listen to your unique story, help you develop a plan, and guide you towards a stronger marriage.


Family Therapy

Does it feel like your family is falling apart? Our family therapists are trained to identify and change the unhelpful patterns that keep us disconnected from those we love. In a safe and supportive environment, we'll help you create a hopeful plan to rebuild what's been broken.


Individual Counseling

Are you feeling anxious or depressed? Have you experienced trauma that still hasn't healed? Whatever brings you to counseling, our experienced team of therapists are ready to help. You don't have to face this alone, and sometimes the hardest part is taking that first step.


take the first step towards a lasting lifestyle change…

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